Trevor's Patches and Projects.

  • Production Experience
    Editing - 24-bit Digital Audio (multitrack or stereo)
    Editing - Digital Video
    Mixing - Multi-track remix to stereo or surround (AC3 or DTS)
    Dubbing - Media transfer to CD, DVD, or tape
    Sound Design - (Sound Effects to Musical Composition)
    Authoring and Mastering - for DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and audio CD
    Duplication - Quantities 500 - 100000 of CD or DVD

  • Production Computing Equipment
    Desktop - Dual G4 Macintosh (running OSX)
    Desktop - Dual P3 PC (running Windows 2000 Server)
    Desktop - P4 PC (running Windows 2000 pro)
    Portable - G4 Titanium Laptop (running OS X)
    Portable - G3 Powerbook (running OS 9)
    Portable - Sony Vaio Laptop (running Windows XP)
    Portable - Compaq Laptop (running Windows 2000)

  • Tape Equipment
    ADAT, DAT, Mini-Disc, BetaSP, VHS, Digital-8
    (M11 and 3/4" by schedule)

  • Outboard Gear
    DBX compress and EQ
    Rane headphone monitoring
    Helicon voice processing

  • Instruments
    Kurzweil K2500 and K2000
    Roland S-770
    Korg M2000
    Roland R-8
    Akai MPC1200XL
    Emu EIII, EMax
    Ensoniq Mirage
    Roland MC-505
    ...and much more...

  • Monitoring
    Near-Field - Alesis
    Club - Yamaha PA
    Consumer - Yamaha Surround Sound with JBL speakers
    Auto - PPL amp with Kenwood speakers

  • Software
    Digital Performer, ProTools, Cubase, Peak, Live
    Vegas, Sound Forge
    Reason, Traktor, Unity

    (production and training services available for all packages)

  • Recording
    Condensor - Groove Tube solid-stage and tube mics
    Dynamic - Shure
    Instrument - Audio Technica Lav
    Boundary - Audio Technica

  • Mixing
    Analog - Mackie 8-bus
    Digital - Yamaha Pro

  • Releases
    Contact to order any the following:

    "PLR" Panhand Live Recordings - Surround-Sound DVD
    "Sampling the World for when it Breaks Vol 2" - Audio CD
    "Sampling the World for when it Breaks Vol 1" - Audio CD
    "Multiple Insertions" - Audio CD/CDROM
    "Below San Onofre" - Audio CD
    SWEAT ENGINE "and" HATE DEPT - Cassette
    "Prey for Silence" - Cassette

  • Trevor Henthorn – Founder

    Mr. Henthorn attended The University of California at San Diego, receiving degrees in Engineering Physics (Acoustics) and Music while serving as Audio and Network Engineer for the Center for Music Experiment (CME) research facility. He Founded Pan Handler Production in 1990 to satisfy the need for digital audio post production for musicians and record labels seeking to duplicate LPs, EPs, 7" singles and, eventually, CDs. In the 12 years that followed PHP, mastered hundreds of audio projects for the electronic, industrial, punk and alternative markets. PHP continues to provide services in 2003 for musicians and broadcasters required high quality audio and video production.

    In addition to pure audio and video services, PHP brings other technological and academic relationships to the production environment. In 1991, Mr. Henthorn assumed the role of Senior Systems and Database Administrator for UCSD's ECE Department, managing network support for faculity, staff and researchers while building high volume, secure web and database systems. In 1994, Mr. Henthorn began production on a collaborative Omni-Platform / HTML CD-ROM Multiple Insertions project while also reorganizing and redeploying the First Virtual Holdings Inc. website. In 1996, he co-founded founded Console Technologies, a company focused on high-end networking, multi-media, database, and Internet services that, in 1997, merged with TotalNet to become Console Incorporated. In 2002, Mr. Henthorn left Console to form Henfast Computing (Internet production and hosting) and focus on Pan Handler Production.

    Trevor now works with the UCSD Department of Music.

  • Contact

    Pan Handler Production
    P.O. Box 127094
    San Diego, CA 92112-7094